«Мектептегі технологияның теориялық негіздері»

There was a presentation of the book of the owner of the title "The Best Teacher" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Union of Craftsmen of Kazakhstan, a teacher of technology of the highest category Zhakybaev Nurlan Saulebayuly «Мектептегі технологияның теориялық  негіздері»
This book presents the history of the subject technology in secondary schools, scientific-cognitive, educational and social problems of professional craft in raising children and the scientific foundations of the disciplines "Auylsharuashylygy өndirіsіnіn tehnikasy men tekhnologisy", "Sandik koldanbaly oneri", "Shygarmashylyk zhobalaudyң", included in technology curriculum. The complex bases of the organization of research work at school are given. The author, relying on the works of prominent thinkers and educators of historical experience and artist-ethnodesigner, Professor Darkembay Shokparuly, describes the pedagogical foundations of labor education and upbringing. The book is addressed to teachers and students.The event was attended by specialists in the field of education and culture, students of the city's universities, teachers of the subject "Artistic work" of the city's schools, and media representatives.During the event, the author of the textbook Zhakybaev Nurlan Saulebayuly noted the importance of developing science and art within the walls of the school and thanked the library management for holding such an event.Guests of the event - a member of the Union of Craftsmen of Kazakhstan, the owner of the UNESCO quality mark, a master of crafts - Abilov Yerkosai, a representative of the Institute of Professional Development in the Aktobe region of the National Center for Advanced Studies "Orleu" - Bukharbaev Bolat Khairullauly, a member of the Union of Craftsmen of Kazakhstan, the owner of the medal "Shapagat", master of embroidery, psychologist of secondary school No. 47 in Aktobe - Master of Pedagogical Sciences Berdibekova Laura-Kuantaykyzy. The guests congratulated the presentation of the new book and expressed confidence that new textbooks would be written in the future.The author of the book and Abilov Yerkosai held the ceremony of book presentation and cut the ribbon.All guests of the event thanked the author of the book for not only promoting Kazakh crafts to the younger generation, but also teaching these disciplines. During the event, an exhibition of handicrafts «Халық қолөнері – өркениеттің  мәдени мәйегі» was organized, timed to coincide with the presentation of the book. The exhibition presented a collection of works by Zhakybayev Nurlan Saulebayuly, books and articles published in periodicals.

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