Club «Руханият»

     The Rukhaniyat Club employees of the subscriber department of the Aktobe Regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev have been working under the regional program "Rehabilitation of Disabled people" since 2012 on the opening of the Rukhaniyat club under the program "Limited opportunities - unlimited care". revitalize library services for people with disabilities.

      The main goal of the club:

     - Library for people with disabilities in Aktobe service;

     - Increasing the interest of the members of the Rukhaniyat Club in books and honing their creative abilities.

      Main tasks:

     - Meeting needs from home;

     - electronic version of the information presentation;

     - organization of presentations of new publications, book exhibitions, bibliographic reviews;

     - Poetry contest with art and literature enthusiasts, competition,

     - Literary interviews, parties, round tables, etc. conducting events;

     - providing access to all types of information.

      Social function of the club:

     Creation of a communicative environment, organization of high moral relations. To increase the interest of the members of the Rukhaniyat club in books and satisfy their creative needs. In honor of the 120th anniversary of the People's Writer of Kazakhstan, S. Mukanov organized an evening of the portrait "Classic writer-S. Mukanov" in the public association "Aktobe City Center for Support of Paralyzed Citizens". Librarian A. Mukasheva told about the life and work of S. Mukanov, librarian G. Omarkhanova conducted a bibliographic review of a specially organized book exhibition "A legal writer of his time-S. Mukanov". In addition, members of the Rukhaniyat club and students of the Library Department of the Aktobe Humanitarian College analyzed the works of the writer. The readers were presented the song "Kazakh Waltz", written on the words of the writer, videos about the writer, a slide chronicle.