There was a presentation of the book of the wise steppe philosopher Reverend Tleuuly, known in Alty Alash, which was published in Turkish in Istanbul, Turkey in the literary place "Kalamger" of the regional library.
Turkish scientist Mehmet Arsilan and chairman of the public fund "Monke Bi" Bakhytzhan Kosanov, who made a direct contribution to the publication of the book in Almaty, shared their congratulations on the video.

On October 13, the staff of the reading room held an event on the theme: «Din men dastur sabaktastygy» , October 18 - the Day of Spiritual Harmony in Kazakhstan.
Guests of the event: Naib imam of the Nurgasyr mosque Muhammedismail Shadman, theologian of the Ansar Consultative and Rehabilitation Center Beisembayeva Rosa Bakhytovna. During the event, the guests answered religious questions relevant to society, about the educational work done and about previous good deeds.

On October 13, the Department of Local History Literature of the Aktobe Regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev held an educational evening on the ZOOM platform on the topic: "Ak tarynyn Atasy", dedicated to the 140th anniversary (1881-1944) of the birth of Shyganak Berseev, the record holder of high millet yields, to break his record, namely to get 201 hundredweight of millet per hectare, still no one has managed all over the world!

On October 5, in honor of Teacher's Day, a meeting was held "Teacher - master and creator ..." with Natalia Alexandrovna Penner, English teacher of the Lyceum school No. 23 in Aktobe, holder of the titles "Honorary Worker of Education", "Best Teacher of Kazakhstan 2012", "Person of the Year of the Aktobe region 2015". As N.A. Nazarbayev noted, "The fate of the current young generation is in the hands of teachers."

On September 30, the Aktobe Regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev hosted the national book festival «Uly dala eli - Tauelsiz Kazakhstan», dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the country's independence. On this day, the library opened its doors to readers and guests, presenting an informative and interesting program. The book festival was opened with a parade presenting books in a new format, electronic books with a QR code.

The staff of the reading room of the Aktobe Regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held an open platform on the theme "Balalar alemi: Kitaptan omirlik muratka", dedicated to 2021, declared the Year of Support for Children's and Youth Reading in Kazakhstan. Gulmayram Abubakirovna Alatayeva, Head of the Reader Service Department, recalled that in June 2018, the international forum of children's writers "Balalar Alemi: Kitaptan omirlik muratka" was held in Astana, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the National Academic Library and the Writers' Department.

September 28, writer Mukhtara Auezova was born as part of the Parasat Zholy project of the Aktobe Regional universal scientific library. S. Baisheva jointly with the Institute of literature and art. Auezova M. O. held an online literary interview in ZOOM format with Doctor of philological sciences, professor, literaturovedu Aigul Ismakova. Speaking with the public, the director of the Aktobe Regional universal scientific library.S. Baisheva Raimbayeva K. S. expressed gratitude for the participation , noting how much they include in the meeting of young people with their studies and lectures on M. Auezov. Moderator of the event Mukasheva Akmaral told about the literary background of M. Auezova's great influence on the formation of modern medium-sized arts .

On September 23, within the framework of the action "Bir el - bir kitap" (One country - one book), there was held a literary hour "Adebiet - zhan nury". During the event, held a bibliographic review of the books selected for national reading in 2021. The guests of the event were: a member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, writer S. Ordasheva, an active reader, winner of the "Uzdik Ustaz" medal Zh. .Ayzharykkyzy, and a student of the 7th grade of secondary school №35 K.Mashyrykova.

On September 23, a round table "Adaldyk - ardyn aynasy" was held organized by the regional universal scientific Library named after S. Baishev and the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption in the Aktobe region.

On September 22 was held there, an online-seminar "Kitap okudy zhetildirudin zamanaui adisteri: zhana mumkindikteri" on the Zoom platform. Modern methods of improving reading: new opportunities", organized by the library development department of the S.Baishev Aktobe regional universal scientific library, which united librarians of the West Kazakhstan region.