Department of storage of fixed assets

Currently, the department of the main fund is the largest book depository in the region. The fund is universal in its composition and is designed to meet the needs of all categories of users, it has 120 thousand copies of books, newspaper files, magazines

The main functions of the department:

- storage – placement of literature in accordance with ciphers that provide further search for ordered publications
- ensuring the maximum safety and security of library collections. Maintaining a clear and timely accounting of the library fund. Organization of the maximum completeness of the formation and storage of the national literature fund;
- creation of a sanitary and hygienic storage regime of the fund;
- receiving new receipts after processing books;
- distribution of books between the structural divisions of the library;
- ensuring the completeness and efficiency of satisfying users ' information requests;
- service-literature from the main fund is issued according to the requirements of readers through the library's reading rooms in accordance with their profile
- promotion of new arrivals of literature, printed publications and other materials through exhibiting them at library exhibitions.
- retrospective entry of the main fund funds into the electronic catalog
- transfer of newspaper funds to digital media
The fund of the main fund storage department has the following collections:

- "Collection of rare books"

- "Collection of miniature editions"

- "Collection of facsimile publications"

- "Autographed books"

Services provided to users:

- delivery of literature to reading rooms and subscription;
- collections and exhibitions of literature;
- conducting reviews of new literature;
- organization of book views at library-wide events.

A necessary condition for the vital activity of the document fund is its safety. Compliance with the temperature regime of storage, hygiene, control over the safety of issued publications, restoration of lost pages is the daily concern of the employees of the department of the main fund.

Head of the department: Moiseeva Tatyana Aleksandrovna
tel.: +7 708 495 68 78