Department of Information and bibliographic support

The Department of Information and bibliographic support is one of the main divisions of the S. Baishev OUN. Every year, more than 2000 users turn to the services of the department, including researchers, teachers of higher and secondary specialized and general educational institutions, specialists in various fields of activity, students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.

Currently, the library's reference and bibliographic fund includes about 3 thousand encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, bibliographic manuals, information publications on various branches of knowledge. A significant part of the fund consists of professional periodicals: magazines "Kitap patshalygy", "Kitap zhane kitapkhana", "Library" , as well as chronicles of publications issued by the Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The department uses the WEB-RABIS database. Employees of the department daily replenish and maintain electronic catalogs "Articles", "Local History", "Dissertation abstracts".

The department is engaged in publishing activities. Bibliographers make reference bibliographic manuals for the anniversaries of famous Kazakh figures of literature and art.

The library's Open Days for first-year students have become traditional.

As a methodological center, the staff of the department provides training courses among librarians of the region on bibliography issues.

The department maintains a service for fulfilling virtual requests of the population "Question to the bibliographer", library users are provided with the services of a full-text regulatory and legal online version of the Law database.

Thus, the employees of the department in their activities aim to provide users with free access to information about the library's collection.

Head of the Department: Dzharilgapova Roza Makaevna