Public Relations and Mass Work Sector

In order to improve the work of the library and bring information about the work of the library to the public, in 2015, the sector "Public Relations and Mass Work"was opened in the Aktobe Regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev

The sector started its work in January 2015.

The purpose of the sector's work is to make the library "visible" to society and the authorities, to sponsors, to create its attractive image, to increase its authority and popularity, well-established cooperation with the media, primarily with newspapers, contributes not a little.

The "Public Relations and Mass Work" sector performs the following main functions:

Organization of work to ensure a unified policy in the field of information field formation;
Creating conditions for constructive interaction of the library with public associations, organizations, groups of citizens;
Coordination of the work of the library departments for the purpose of wide consecration in the mass media.
Conclusion of creative contracts with educational institutions of the city.
An important function of the sector is the monitoring of the media together with the department "Local History" and the sector "Periodicals". Media monitoring is conducted not only to assess public opinion about the library's own activities. It is also useful for analyzing and using the experience of other organizations in solving specific tasks.

Almost all departments of the library use the possibilities of mass media to inform the population. Thanks to journalists, we can bring information about the library to the public. Printed publications provide a huge breadth and constant renewability of contacts between the library and the public.

In addition, a component of the purpose of the sector's work is close contact with educational institutions of the city.

The work of the "Public Relations and mass work" sector consists in constant contact with the media (republican and local newspapers and magazines), radio stations of the city of Aktobe, television channels of the city, with Universities, colleges, lyceums, secondary schools of the city of Aktobe, public organizations of the city.

Head of the sector: Sarah Eralievna Mambetova
tel.: +7 707 111 58 81