Sector Subscription support

The book fund of the subscription support sector is 83254 thousand copies. The book fund contains literature on linguistics, philology, fiction and literary studies (domestic and world classical works, foreign literature published within the framework of the Madeni Mura program in Kazakh and Russian).

The main directions of the sector's work:
- Prompt provision of library services to readers;
- Ensuring the safety of literature in the department;
- popularization of fiction through mass events;
- study and analysis of reading fiction in the department.

Main tasks:
- Formation of the book fund of the department in accordance with the needs of readers;
- popularization of fiction through various library events;
- attracting library readers, especially young people, to reading fiction, increasing their interest in reading books .
- conducting poetry competitions, contests, literary dialogues, literary and musical drawing rooms, round tables and other events with readers who are passionate about art and literature;
- organization of presentations of new publications, exhibitions of literature.
- Monitoring and carrying out work on the introduction of new technologies in librarianship;
- To ensure continuous improvement in the organization of the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of advertising library activities through social networks, websites.


Head of the sector: Zhumagereeva Zhamal Amanovna
tel.: +7 777 623 7630