Club «Елмұра»

     The club "Elmura" was created in 2015 on the basis of the department of the reading room of the Aktobe regional Universal Scientific Library named after S. Baishev.

     The purpose of the club: educational, propaganda. Informative, themed evenings are held together with the members of the club.

     The activities of the club are under the control of the library administration. The library administration creates the necessary conditions for holding club meetings and various events. The club is managed by the head of the reading room and librarians of this department. Club members appoint club activists who, for their part, help the club's management during the preparation and holding of mass events.

     The club's motto: "Elinin uly bolsan, eline zhanyn ashysa, azamattyk namysyn bolsa, kazaktyn ulttyk zhalgyz memleketiin nygayyp-korkeyu zholynda zhan terindi sygyp zhurip enbek et. Zherdin de, eldin de iesi ozin ekenindi umytpa! " N. A. Nazarbayev.

     The purpose of the national educational club "Elmura" is to form a sense of patriotism among the younger generation, conscious adaptation to the passage of time for life, familiarization with the history, traditions and customs of our nation, the formation of new ideas, new steps into the future and contribution to the development of the country.

     The club's task:

     1. formation of the spiritual potential of the younger generation on the basis of studying the language, culture, history of the Kazakh people;

     2. stimulating social activity, cognitive activity of readers, development of youth creativity;

     3. introduction to the reading of club members.

     Permanent members of the Club " Elmura":

     1. Gulmayram Abubakirovna Alatayeva-Head of the Reader Service Department;

     2. Beisova Gulzada Bagdauletovna-Head of the reading room department;

     3. Members of the student wall newspaper " Zhastar aynasy"

     4. Yesengulova Zhuldyz-head of the circle of the station of young naturalists;

     5. Librarians of the reading room department-A. T. Lakibayeva, A. Zh. Daulbaeva, A. S. Kemalova .

     6. Youth associations.

     7. Temirkhanov Asylkhan Nurtayevich-representative of the Youth Affairs Department of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan in the Aktobe region

The meeting of the national educational club "Elmura" will be held on the last Wednesday of each month from 16:00 to 16:45 in the department of the reading room.